Check your branding

10 Places to Check Your Branding

In the previous article, we discussed that Your Brand is Your Promise. I challenge you to review these items with a fresh eye and see if your branding is consistent. Are these pieces saying what you want to say to your customers? Are they focused on solving customer problems, from the customer’s point of view? Does each item match the brand personality you want to portray? Do they all use your brand’s logo, colors, and tone of voice?

  • Your website header, footer, and content
  • Your social media headers, including Google Business
  • Your social media posts and shares
  • Your invoices and estimates
  • Your email footer or text
  • Your office or shop and signage
  • Your sales collateral: brochures, catalogs, business cards, etc.
  • Your tag line (if you use one)
  • Your “elevator speech:” the quick verbal answer you give when someone asks what you do.
  • Your sales pitch and followup

If you ever find yourself making excuses or apologies for these or any of your branding elements, then you already know what to fix! Get to it, one at a time.