brimming design wordpress website
Web design can cost an arm and a leg! Luckily, a savvy small business can create a unique online store for less. Contact Brimming Design to build an inexpensive WordPress Store in less than two weeks! WordPress stores are a cost-effective and flexible option offering countless add-on features at no charge, including search engine optimization. Brimming Design’s client, BakerCreations, is a new company with limited startup funds. They require an inexpensive and self-maintained solution. WordPress and WooCommerce offered the all the required features but added no monthly fees to the project. The total cost for site and store creation was under $1500. Check out our website package priced at $1200. The end result is a beautiful site with a Continue Reading
experience marketing
You may have heard of experience marketing. You are not just selling a product… you are selling a relationship, yourself, and the experience of buying and using the product. You are also selling what happens if there are any problems with the product down the line. Are you aware of how your customers perceive this experience? The recommendations and referrals received from each sale can make or break your business’ success. Today is a good day to think through your customer experience, and make sure your customers are loving you, beginning to end. To start the process of improving your experience marketing, download this free worksheet, and begin to identify your customer needs and ways to better serve them. Customers Continue Reading
Content is King
October 15, 2017

Content Marketing

Why spend time on Content Marketing? Content Marketing builds relationships by providing useful, relevant information both on your website (blog), email campaign and over social media. Filling your website with a knowledge base of information your customer values makes you an authority. It also adds value to your site, making it rank higher for the content keywords. Traditional advertising media is more expensive and less informative. What is your content marketing mission? How do you want people to see your business? Step back from your business and look at the big picture. Set up your plan based on the result you want. Do you want to: Be the expert? Build relationships? Build trust? Establish yourself as part of the community. Raise Continue Reading
customer targeting
You want to make an educated decision on spending for product branding, so tell me, where is fancy bread, or in the heart or in the head?  Tiffany. Worth more? MAKING FANCY BREAD Your product branding does more than create visual appeal. It assigns a value. It helps you to add value over price. Bargain items compete for lowest price, leaving little margin. By building a brand, a consistent image and message to the community, you begin to add value over price. What makes you unique? Maybe it is your value added services. Perhaps your high quality, or fashionable style. What ever aspect of your product that you use to create your brand needs to be unique, and create positive Continue Reading
prioritizing marketing for the multi-tasker
We understand busy… You plan to handle your marketing tasks on Tuesday. You need to place an ad, make a social media post, get ready for the booth display next month and work on a blog article. Whoops. Tuesday flew by in a blur of client issues and brush fires. So much for your plans to prioritize marketing. You can delegate this and focus on your primary task of running your business. Prioritizing Marketing If, like many small businesses, you find you don’t have enough hands, let us help you with your marketing efforts. Without having to add an internal creative department you can have responsive, on-call expertise to get the tasks done, at a reasonable price. First, we need Continue Reading