Branding Myths

Myth: Your brand = your logo. Actually, your brand encompasses every aspect of the customer experience, from advertising through customer service follow up. Be distinctive and find out what your customers hope for.

Myth: Brands are just a way to sell at higher profit margins. In truth, buying decisions are about emotions, not price. Brands provide a personality, company, and image that customers consciously choose to support.

Myth: Brands help cover up low-quality products. In fact, since the brand is the whole experience there is no cover-up possible. A snazzy logo and color scheme won’t help if you don’t deliver.

Myth: Current technology is making brands less important. False. In the crowded and highly competitive sales world, popular brands make buying easier because trust is already incorporated. Consumers feel connected to them.

For more on this subject, check out the book The Myths of Selling by Milligan and Bailey