prioritizing marketing for the multi-tasker

Do your marketing efforts get last priority?

We understand busy… You plan to handle your marketing tasks on Tuesday. You need to place an ad, make a social media post, get ready for the booth display next month and work on a blog article. Whoops. Tuesday flew by in a blur of client issues and brush fires. So much for your plans to prioritize marketing. You can delegate this and focus on your primary task of running your business.

Prioritizing Marketing

If, like many small businesses, you find you don’t have enough hands, let us help you with your marketing efforts. Without having to add an internal creative department you can have responsive, on-call expertise to get the tasks done, at a reasonable price.

First, we need to get to know each other. Hello! I’m Kerri Brimmer, owner of Brimming Design. I would like to set up a consultation with you to find out what you need in the areas of marketing, branding, advertising and who your target market is. We’ll make a schedule and set some goals. After the initial setup, we can plan a maintenance package for upcoming events, and set up a monthly schedule so that all the details are taken care of. Our on-time delivery will keep you moving toward your goals, for a reasonable, predictable cost. You’re going to like this. 🙂

Kerri-May2015smallKerri Brimmer, owner of Brimming Design brings 30 years of marketing, design and business experience to the table. Her training and experience in Graphic Design helps, but the understanding of branding, advertising and marketing is what makes it work. She’s “been there” with 20 years running a businesses and multi-tasking herself.

Prioritizing marketing does not mean that you have to do all the work yourself. We can help you steadily focus on one target, with a consistent message and build your brand. You don’t have to handle it all yourself. We’re a team. Let’s do it.

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