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Never pass up a free local listing: Alignable

A free local listing with product details.

You may have heard of this website, Alignable, that connects local businesses and encourages networking. The website gets light traffic, but is recognized by Google and offers you an opportunity to connect your name with search terms for the products and services you sell.  In addition to the free listing, it also offers you a way to connect to related small businesses that could become referral partners.

To set up your free listing, go to and create an account. Be sure to spend some time filling in details, categories and keywords about your company so it can be found by future customers.

Your account is personalized by a logo and a header. Be sure to add these by clicking the camera image within the image. You can choose to use a photo instead of the logo if you’d like to present yourself more personally. Lastly, adjust the email preferences as shown below. Go do it! 🙂

free local listing Alignable
Once your profile is built, you can add specials and promotions (see the circle) that will send out notifications to the people you are connected to.

Explore around add details. 

IMPORTANT: Alignable will flood you with emails! Before you sign off, go to “My Account” and trim your Email Preferences down to the minimum. Open the categories by clicking the plus sign, then uncheck away.

I’ve known people who have given up on Alignable because of the emails. Only leave the ones you really want checked. Here are my choices:

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