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Experience Marketing for Repeat and Referral Sales: Free Worksheet!

customer with representativeYou may have heard of experience marketing. You are not just selling a product… you are selling a relationship, yourself, and the experience of buying and using the product. You are also selling what happens if there are any problems with the product down the line. Are you aware of how your customers perceive this experience? The recommendations and referrals received from each sale can make or break your business’ success. Today is a good day to think through your customer experience, and make sure your customers are loving you, beginning to end.

To start the process of improving your experience marketing, download this free worksheet, and begin to identify your customer needs and ways to better serve them. Customers are rejecting today’s onslaught of messages and advertising. This makes it more and more important that you build relationships with your customers and turn them into a second tier of referrals. Take a look at this worksheet, and see if filling it out can help you find ways to create a better customer experience for your best customers! product-experience-worksheet.pdf

Targeting repeat sales and referrals is your most cost effective marketing effort. On the flip side of the coin, if a customer has a bad experience, they are even more likely to share that information, slowing your success. How are your customers treated from the time they enter your sales funnel? What could you have done with your previous sale to make the process seamless and more enjoyable for that customer? Use this worksheet with your sales force to identify improvements you can easily make once you have identified the weak points in your sales process.  If you would like assistance improving this process through better communication before, during and after the sale, contact Brimming Design for help with your sales collateral and branding. We’re brimming with ideas!