effective proposals

No-Fail Project Proposals

I recently attended a short training from StoryBrand.com called “5 Reasons You Lost Your Last Deal.” I invite you to check out their resources. It is very valuable information. Here’s the essence of the things to check for the most effective proposal.

For Effective Proposals

  • The proposal is not about you. Instead, be the guide to identify and solve the client’s problem. This means leaving out the (boring) executive summary, company history, and employee bios.
  • Start with the hook. Identify the problem with empathy, demonstrate authority on how you will fix it. Make it a story where you are the guide, they are the hero and your product is the solution. (This is the basis of the StoryBrand concept.) Then summarize your plan.
  • A wise investment. Frame the spending as an investment and let them know what they will gain with your plan, and what would be lost if they didn’t choose it.
  • Skip anything boring. Use simple, visual language so it is easy to read and/or scan. Create the story of future success.
  • Make it easy to say yes. Remove any hurdles in your onboard process and set out clear calls to action so they can sign up right then and there.

Time to pull out a previous proposal and see where you can strengthen it. Also, check out our post on offering one exhilarating choice and the other StoryBrand topic: Creating Your One-Liner.