Brimming Design offers reasonably priced websites and website facelifts. We will work together to create a website to provide what your customers need. Websites can be created (or revised) in WordPress, or left with your current host and modified to suit your needs. We can edit and maintain Weebly, Wix, Go Daddy, and other platforms without the cost and hassle of changing your host.

Recent projects include

  • Wordpress site (approximately $2500) and we are adding an article each month.
  •  WordPress site revision $1600 using all new images and reorganization to coordinate with existing branding
  • Wordpress blog/store from scratch – $1800
  • A simple WordPress site from scratch, $1200
  • Heavily revised Wix site $1500 plus several pages and more content added since
  • Updated existing site for optimization, new branding, branded photos, and reorganization of tabs $1000
  • maintaining existing site connected to their inventory system by creating banners, event pages, and reorganized pages and tabs