small business marketing value

What provides the best small business marketing value?

In 2019, 1000 small businesses (1-100 employees, 30 industries) were asked what their marketers are doing to reach the right audience at the right time. The winner for the best small business marketing value is…

Email Marketing!

Small businesses should focus on 1:1 communication through channels like social media and email marketing that offer a direct connection to your ideal audience. Connecting personally will help you create brand advocates who work with you to spread your brand’s mission and message.

Social media, though challenging, continues to help small businesses grow their audience and push customers to their site — but only when executed well.

Facebook works well for many small businesses, but many reported that it was their biggest marketing flop. If you want to invest in Facebook marketing, be sure you are supplementing your efforts.

Ultimately, email marketing remains the easiest platform to use and brings in the best small businesses marketing value, yielding the biggest bang for your buck. (This data is from the summary of a survey Small businesses ranked: Their biggest opportunity to build brand awareness.)

YOUR best small business marketing value

Note: 57% of these businesses surveyed had an in-house marketing team. If your business needs on-call marketing support, call Brimming Design today! Kerri would also be happy to tell you about setting up a Mail Chimp or Constant Contact email account.

small business marketing value