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Inspiring Customers: Your Business Instagram Account

Our last article covered the basics of Instagram. This time, let’s discuss some tips to create the best posts and build your brand and business personality through posts. Time to up your visibility with your business Instagram account.

Mix It Up

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When posting images, vary the content, and post less than 20% as blatant ads or product photos. The variety will engage your followers in different ways. Followers are looking for genuine content, not more ads. Use lifestyle shots, behind-the-scenes photos, new discoveries, customers in action (with permission), and relevant content that will appeal to your customers. Your goal is to express your personality and energize and inspire your followers.

Get Involved

Instagram is about relationships, so build them by following users and making comments. Just because it is a business Instagram account doesn’t mean that it isn’t personal! When you like or follow someone, they are likely to follow you back. Write your comments as questions or conversation starters to encourage interaction. 

Save Ideas

When you see a post that you think is a great idea, you can save it to reference later. Just click the tiny award ribbon right below the photo on the right. You can do this on your personal AND business Instagram account. To see your saved posts go to the menu (3 lines) in the top right corner and pull down to “saved”. Use saved posts for inspiration for your future posts. 

Consider paid advertising

You can take a high performing post and create a paid ad on Instagram. Your page needs to be claimed on your Facebook business account. Ad placements are handled through Facebook’s Ad Manager. You can get instructions on Facebook or in this helpful article.