Free Listing on Yelp

Never pass up a free listing: Your Yelp Listing

Got a Yelp Listing?

Right now, before you start another project, go to and search for your business. What do you see there?

Many people think that Yelp is just for restaurants. Not so! Yelp offers every business a free listing which is noticed by Google and other search engines. It is another light bulb in the strand illuminating your business online. If you are not familiar, here are easy instructions to create or adjust your Yelp listing:
1. Run a search for your business on
Yelp Home Search
2. If your listing is unclaimed, claim it! Yelp will walk you through filling in your business details.
Yelp listing update
3. If your listing is already claimed, you can still make improvements. See that row of pictures? You can upload ones you like.
Yelp claimed listing
4. Scroll down and check your business details. 
yelp business details
4. Yelp loves to sell! They offer many paid options. For restaurants, this may be worth it. For the rest of us, make use of all the free options. 🙂
Yelp advertising

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